Can you edit my existing website?

We can but we prefer to start anew.

We often see poorly made websites that use outdated technology stacks. Usually the time spent editing them is more resource and time intensive than creating a new website with updated technology.

Are you really expensive?

Our prices are reasonable. We often offer deals to clients based on their business needs and our experience with those types of websites or web apps. If you are local to London, Ontario, we will go above and beyond to make the price work for you.

Request a free consultation to discuss prices.

I found a bug on my website, can you fix it?

We will fix any bugs discovered for the first year if we built your website or web application. This includes any updated browser issues. See your contract for conditions.

If we did not build your website, contact us to review your needs and answer this question on a case by case basis.

I need a new logo, can you do that?

We currently do not have an in-house graphic artist but have many in our network. We would be happy to help you find the best one for your logo or graphic needs.

I have a business idea, can you do the work for a percentage?

We typically do not do this. However, feel free to contact us about the idea. We can do rapid prototyping to show potential investors your idea before developing it.